We offer tailored lectures, workshops and education solutions, on all different levels for all occasions. You choose the level, scope and area that fits your needs and future challenges. We work with real-life examples and cases in order to create understanding and spark creative thinking.

Workshops & Lectures Ideas

Strategic Sustainability Communication

Sustainability work needs to be integrated into the branding and communication strategies of every company or organisation. Understanding your unique context and stakeholders is a crucial step in this process. The more you communicate about your sustainability work, the higher the interest, knowledge levels and demands around these issues become. It creates a positive cycle for transparency and sustainability.  Learn about the importance of integrating sustainability within communication strategies.

future Trends mapping

Consumers are hungry for products with a positive impact and companies that fail to address sustainability issues across the supply chain are increasingly called out on it. What trends will impact your business or organisation in this upcoming year and beyond? Learn how to map trends and identify new business opportunities around sustainability.

Nudging Sustainable Choices

What we say that we do and what we actually do are two very different things when it comes to sustainability. Bridging the gap between them requires smarter communications designed to work for the human brain. Learn more about nudging and how it can be used to promote sustainable choices.

Media, PR & Sustainability

Dealing with sustainability from a PR perspective is difficult. It is even more challenging when a crisis occur. How do you become more transparent and learn to communicate about ‘failure-stories’? Learn how to work proactively with sustainability within media and PR related issues.


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Meet Erik

Erik Elvingsson Hedén is the founder and Managing Director of SB Insight and Sustainable Brand Index™, Europe’s largest brand study on sustainability. This means he has worked with sustainability for over a decade and he has insights into more than 1 000 brands across industries and countries. Erik lectures on how sustainability affects brands, communication and business development.

Erik is a passionate speaker, who loves interaction and humour on stage. He is also a teacher at Berghs School of Communication, one of the world’s leading schools in communication. Berghs has been awarded “School of the Year” for multiple consecutive years in AKQA’s Future Lions in Cannes.


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