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The report contains a mapping of how the two youngest generations see sustainability and businesses. What Millennials (16-26 years) think about in terms of sustainability, companies and their own role in society. But also Generation Z (10-16 years), a group that is usually difficult to survey. 

(This report is available in Swedish and English)

The report includes, inter alia, the following:

  • Who are Millennials and Generation Z?
  • How do Millennials and Generation Z see the future and the world?
  • How do Millennials and Generation Z see sustainability and what do they prioritise?
  • How is the media consumption regarding sustainability among Millennials and Generation Z?
  • What do Millennials and Generation Z want from you in terms of credible sustainability communication?
  • Recommendations on how to reach and impact Millennials and Generation Z.

How Should Read This Report?

This report is made for all stakeholders interested in how to communicate with the new generations, especially regarding sustainability. It is especially relevant for organisations and people working with marketing and communication.