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A report about Nordic consumer perceptions of climate change and successful climate communication.

This report is meant to educate, inspire and create engagement concerning climate issues, by exploring the perceptions of climate change from the perspective of the Nordic consumers. By analyzing market trends on the global- and Nordic markets as well as primary data from 4000 Nordic consumers, the report provides you with insights on how to best understand the Nordic consumers and how to reach them most effectively. In other words, the report aims to stimulate behavioral attitude, and to guide your company/organization/agency on how to best communicate about climate change with the Nordic consumers in the future

This report answers the following questions:

•       What is happening within climate governance on the global arena?

•       What climate topics define the discussions in the Nordic countries?

•       Is climate change and global warming important to the Nordic countries, and why/why not?

•       Who is expected to be responsible for mitigating climate change according to the Nordic consumers?

•       What focus areas needs to be prioritized in order to go forward and reduce global warming according to the consumer?

•       What does the road ahead look like?

 Who should buy this report?
This report is intended for companies, agencies and organisations in all sectors in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark or anyone interested in the Nordic market. It is relevant for everyone that works actively with climate change and are looking for solutions to improve strategic and communicative efforts in relation to climate change. Regardless if your niche is communication, marketing, PR or up-front sustainability.