Why Fashion Brands Are Responsible For The Circular Transition


As we now know, meat and dairy companies are leading increasingly dangerous lives. Media is now filled with reports on how consumers are more keen to decrease meat consumption than ever. Old news.

What is interesting and quite worrisome however, is the consumer unwillingness to decrease fashion consumption. I quick comparison of what the Moderate Consumer Group (roughly 50% of the market) wants to increase and decrease in its consumptions, gives us interesting insights.

Meat, dairy and gas are all things that regular people can stand to decrease (or at least not increase), whereas fashion is much harder. This means that fashion brands such as H&M, KappAhl, Lindex and Zara need to be at the very forefront of The Circular Economy.

It will be hard to convince consumers to avoid going shopping. Instead we need better materials and better ways to handle used clothes and shoes. We are eagerly waiting for the solutions! 

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Erik Heden

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