Think Millennials Are Tough? Wait ´til You Get to Gen Z!

Millennials are usually described as a demanding and hard-to-please kind of target group. They have higher expectations on brands and want you to over-deliver everyday, all year. In short, the generation called Millennials is defined differently depending on who you ask. We have chosen to define them as people aged 16-26 years old. 

But if you think that Millennials are a hard to please, wait til you get a hold of Generation Z. This generation consists of young people born after the Millennium. So they are today aged 17 and younger. After you get to know them a bit better, Millennials will seem as easy to market to as Baby Boomers. Generation Z is not only more demanding, but also more well-read and sceptical to all the things you say. If you talk sustainability to Gen Z consumers, they will settle for high flying targets and great visions. They want the nitty gritty. They want you to explain how on earth you are planning to actually achieve these great goals and reach your targets. 

Yes, Millennials are demanding, but they often settle to hear your overarching sustainability message. Just to get a good gut feeling. Generation Z will not settle, they expect more. In our new report, called "Millennials, Generation Z & Sustainability", we have surveyed and studied both these generations. The findings are interesting and often also surprising. 

Erik Heden

XXX, 11 Gamla Brogatan, Stockholm, Stockholms län, 11120, Sweden