The Circular Economy Dilemma


Regular consumers play a large role in making Circular Economy work. The challenge for companies in turn will be to find a way to balance the supply side and the demand side on circular markets.

What do we mean by this? Take sharing for example. Even though some consumers will be keen to share their belongings with others, we are guaranteed to have a much larger group of people willing to take advantage of this.

The demand side, consumers wanting to borrow your car, will be much bigger than the supply side, consumers wanting to lend their car to others.


On markets where consumers own the asset, this will pose a challenge. There are ways to solve this of course, mainly by using the classic tools of marketing - either punish or reward the consumer.

As we are simple creatures with a 40 000 year old brain, we still respond well to being punished and rewarded (neurologically speaking). Finding ways to make the supply side feel they are great persons and the demand side consumers (Ego) feel bad will go a long way. 

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