2 Sustainable Branding Trends to Handle

Below you will find two trends that are important to have in mind as you decide upon your Sustainable Branding strategy. Read more in the official reports from Sustainable Brand Index 2015. 



The interest in sustainability has increased during the past year and also become much more present in people ́s dialogue.


Companies have finally started to actively talk about sustainability in their marketing
Sustainability related words and issues have appeared in a large quantity of advertising-/communication efforts this year. Finally, we also see efforts such as new product development and highlighting of sustainable alternatives.

The consumers have also joined the sustainability game! 
Environment, sustainability, organic and locally produced are things that people now mention spontaneously when they are asked about what is extra positive regarding the development in society. The increased interest in sustainability has also developed consumers’ understanding of the concept of sustainability in itself, and what it means for them in their everyday life. This facilitates for brands to communicate about these issues. 




Only one quarter of the population have a positive belief in the future
The belief in the future among the Swedish citizens is not at its best. Only 27% of the population believe that Sweden will be a better country to live in, in 10 years. A total of 43% think Sweden will be a worse country to live in. 

Immigration and integration are specific areas that stand out in terms of what people worry about the most
Either we are worried about an increase in immigration or the opposite, an increase in xenophobia. Apart from that, some of us are also worried about the disturbance in other parts of the world and unemployment. The environment and the climate are only mentioned a few times as bugbears. Instead, we look positively on the progress that is being made within these areas.

Erik Heden

XXX, 11 Gamla Brogatan, Stockholm, Stockholms län, 11120, Sweden