SB Copenhagen 2016 - Purpose Works Both Ways

One of the newcomers on the Sustainable Brands stage in Copenhagen last night was Giles Hutchins, the author of Future Fit. He talked about the "new way" of doing business. The importance of purpose and the characteristics of companies having just that. One of them being that they are increasingly decentralized

As Giles talked about purpose and decentralized innovative companies on stage, my colleagues and I realized that there is one particular organization that embodies these things very well today.

Unfortunately it is ISIS. ISIS have many of these important characteristics.

  • A Common Purpose - Everyone follows the belief of killing the unfaithful. 
  • Decentralization - This is key to their success, making them very effective. 
  • Innovation - Finding new exciting ways of killing people everyday, competing with each other. 

Interesting to see and think about how purpose can work for both good and bad

Otherwise, day one of Sustainable Brands Copenhagen was filled with workshops. We attended some on consumer behaviour and purposeful branding. Not much news from our point of view but some interesting thoughts on the overload of case videos and brands fighting to find their purpose, often missing the target

Erik Heden

XXX, 11 Gamla Brogatan, Stockholm, Stockholms län, 11120, Sweden