Ranking The Most Influential People in Sustainability

Together with the digital analysis & strategy agency Whispr Group, we are now launching the Sustainability Engagement Mapping. It is a study that identifies and ranks the most important digital influencers within sustainability and the companies that they like.

The best-ranked influencers are the most credible according to others. They also manage to engage the most in social media. This differs from traditional rankings of influencers that usually look at the number of followers and the level of activity. To put it in the words of Whispr Group´s Data Science Manager Mattias Östmar: “What others think of you is more important than what you think of yourself”.

The best-ranked companies will be those that the influencers perceive to be the best at sustainability. We will also compare these brand assessments to what regular consumers think.

The results will be published on November 12th at 08.00. A seminar will be held at Sjöfartshuset in Stockholm between 8.00-9.00 in the morning. Click here to register! 

Erik Heden

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