Communicating Sustainability To Generation Z


The generation called Millennials is defined differently depending on who you ask. We have chosen to define them as people aged 16-26 years old. Generation Z consists of young people born after the Millennium. So they are today aged 17 and younger.

It is easy to be naive and expect these two generations to be quite similar. However, the differences are many and go deeper than one might think. When communicating sustainability, many companies tend to paint a big and colourful canvas. Big visions and sky high goals. This is in our opinion usually a good thing. And indeed it is, if you are talking to Millennials. Generation Z, however, consists of young people that are much more sceptical and harder to convince. They question goals or ambitions that they perceive to be unrealistic or unattainable for your company. Instead of just talking about a big and bold vision, they want you to explain how you are going about reaching the goals. 

In our new report, called "Millennials, Generation Z & Sustainability", we have surveyed and studied both these generations. The findings are interesting and often also surprising. 

So when communicating sustainability to younger generations, be sure to ask yourself: "what younger generation do I really want to target?"

Erik Heden

XXX, 11 Gamla Brogatan, Stockholm, Stockholms län, 11120, Sweden