3 Great Circular Projects from IKEA

IKEA wants to go circular. During 2016, the company has initiated a number of pilot projects in its stores with a focus on extending the service life of the goods.

Some examples of the projects are:

1. In Belgium, IKEA offered customers five new choices for their old furniture: sell, renew, repair, return, or donate.

For example, the company bought back old IKEA furniture and the customer got a voucher in return to use in the store.Another example were workshops in department stores where customers could learn how to renew their old IKEA furniture.

2. In Denmark, IKEA collected all the leftover fabric from its stores. It was then sent to a local sewing company where they, among other things, sewed cushion with the collected fabric. The cushions were then bought back by IKEA to sell in the stores.

3. In Sweden, IKEA cooperates with Blocket, an online second-hand marketplace. The cooperations means that it is free for IKEA Family members to sell their old IKEA furniture on Blocket. 


Now looking ahead, IKEA also aims to go circular in its design processes. Exciting times ahead. 

Erik Heden

XXX, 11 Gamla Brogatan, Stockholm, Stockholms län, 11120, Sweden