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The report is based on two surveys performed in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We have interviewed both consumers and decision makers (B2B) on their views on Circular Economy and all of its components (packaging, reuse, second-hand, sharing and much more). The result is a comprehensive report that gives you a full picture of the future market for circular business in the Nordics. 

1. Introduction

  • The Purpose of The Report

2. Circular Economy - What is it? 

  • The principles of Circular Economy
  • How to describe Circular Economy to your customers


3. The Attitudes Towards Circular Economy (B2C & B2B) 

  • The overall interest and attitudes towards Circular Economy
  • The interest in the different parts/levels of a circular economy (e.g. Sharing Economy)
  • The attitudes towards the different parts/levels of a Circular Economy
  • The differences in attitudes among target groups towards Circular Economy
  • Who is responsible for moving us towards a Circular Economy? 

4. The Knowledge Regarding Circular Economy (B2C & B2B)

  • The opinion leaders that influence consumers and decision makers
  • The overall knowledge of Circular Economy
  • The knowledge of the different parts/levels of a circular economy (e.g. the Sharing Economy) 
  • The obstacles to reaching a Circular Economy

5. Facilitating a Circular Behavior (B2C & B2B)

  • The current behavior patterns of consumers and businesses - purchasing, waste management, recycling, up-cycling, distribution, services etc. 
  • How to create Circular Economy action among your stakeholders
  • How can companies involve their customers in the switch towards Circular Economy?
  • What are the risk and opportunities of Circular Economy? 
  • Market gaps and opportunities for Circular Solutions and Products
  • How can you communicate about Circular Economy?
  • What will your customers expect in the years to come?

6. Conclusions

  • How to act in the future
  • The most important things to consider going forward

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